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UBE Elastomer’s synthetic rubber business manufactures and sells butadiene rubber (BR) which is one of the typical synthetic rubber. Our BR is said to be high-cis BR synthesized by cobalt catalyst system. Our company has production sites in Japan, Thailand, China, and Malaysia.

1. Characteristics of process

Our processing technology enables us to easily control the BR’s molecular weight, branching degree of molecular chains, and molecular weight distribution.
Furthermore, our technology realizes combining BR with high-crystalline syndiotactic polybutadiene (SPB) resin.

2.Characteristics of products

UBEPOL BR® (high-cis BR)

UBEPOL BR® meets a wide variety of customer demand, including the grades with sperior physical properties such as abrasion resistance, rebound, heat buildup, and crack growth resistance and the grades with excellent processing characteristics such as mixing with various fillers, extrudability, and roll banding.

UBEPOL VCR® (composite of rubber and resin)

UBEPOL VCR® is the grade that combines BR and high-crystalline syndiotactic polybutadiene (SPB) resin. SPB resin is well dispersed in BR matrix (Figure: TEM images). UBEPOL VCR®, having characteristic polymer alloy structure, can contribute to improve hardness, elastic modulus, crack growth resistance, and extrusion characteristics (extrusion output and dimensional stability) and weight reduction/thinning of rubber products.


Characteristics of UBEPOL BR® and UBEPOL VCR® for rubber uses

Product Name Mooney viscosity
UBEPOL BR® 150 43 Standard grade of UBEPOL BR®; superior balance of processability and various physical properties
130B 26 Low Mooney viscosity grade of BR150B; best processability and suitable for high filler loading
150B 37 Branching of BR150; superior processability
360B 47 High Mooney viscosity grade of BR150B; superior abrasion resistance and processability
150L 43 Low branching grade of BR150; superior abrasion resistance, rebound, and heat buildup
360L 47 High Mooney viscosity grade of BR150L; superior abrasion resistance, rebound, and heat buildup
230 35 Grade with bimodal molecular weight distribution; superior roll processability and extrusion characteristics
133P 32 Non-staining oil extended grade that includes 37.5 phr of highly safe paraffin oil
UBEPOL VCR® 412 45 Standard grade of UBEPOL VCR®; superior extrusion characteristics, easily enhance hardness and elastic modulus
617 62 Grade with higher SPB resin content than VCR412; easily enhance hardness, elastic modulus
450 36 Grade with BR matrix of broad molecular weight distribution; good balance between VCR characteristics and general BR physical properties
800 37 Grade with BR matrix of broad molecular weight distribution and higher SPB crystal content than VCR450

Characteristics of UBEPOL BR® for modified resi application (HIPS)

Product Name Mooney viscosity
5% styrenesolution viscosity(cps) Characteristics
UBEPOL BR® 15HB 37 60 High-cis BR for modified resin (HIPS); superior impact resistance


  • Various tires, including for passenger vehicles, trucks/buses, construction vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles and bicycles
  • Various industrial products, including polystyrene modifiers, conveyor belts, hoses, anti-vibration rubber, and casters
  • Commodities, including shoe soles and golf balls
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  • image:Applications