UBE Group Approach to Recurrence Prevention Measures Relating to Improprieties in Quality Checks

April 28, 2022

With regard to the recurrence prevention measures announced in the Statement Regarding Recurrence Prevention Measures Relating to Improprieties in Quality Checks dated June 7, 2018, the UBE Group has established systems to prevent recurrence and has continued to implement measures to achieve our target of “no new improprieties related to quality.”

This final report on the series of improprieties in quality checks announced from fiscal 2018 to fiscal 2019 outlines the details of our efforts to prevent recurrence and the progress made on the implementation of these measures.

Click herePDF for more information on our efforts to date.

Final Report Summary

The UBE Group has strengthened controls related to quality assurance and increased cooperation between related departments by pursuing stronger internal controls on quality through regular reports submitted to the Board of Directors, the establishment of executive meetings on quality, the appointment of a Director Responsible for Group Quality, and the establishment of a new Quality Management Department. In addition, we have also revised the UBE Management Principles and formulated UBE Group Fundamental Quality Guidelines to clearly express our emphasis on quality in management both internally and externally.

Moreover, we are implementing strategies in areas such as training, awareness surveys, and human resource development to instill awareness of quality among all UBE Group executives and employees and ensure they make judgments from the customer’s perspective in order to raise quality awareness and change our corporate culture.

Finally, in order to strengthen our quality-related infrastructure, we continue to invest management resources in the area of quality, improving the management system for our quality inspection records and ensuring appropriate employee assignments.

We will continue our improvement activities in order to increase their effectiveness, working to ensure that the above measures are implemented and that we provide our customers with safe and secure products.


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