UBE Group to establish a Liaison Office in Turkey

April 28, 2021

UBE Industries, Ltd. has today announced that UBE Corporation Europe S.A.U. (UCE)’s consolidated subsidiary, UBE Europe GmbH (UEG), has established a liaison office in Istanbul, Turkey, which aims to engage in developing markets and expanding services for products offered by the UBE Group. This is the first office in the Middle East region belonging to the UBE Group chemical business.

As the UBE Group's companies based in Europe, UCE and UEG's main operations are the productions of chemical products as well as market development and material procurement for products of the UBE Group. Turkey is a strategic location for European companies as it is considered a gateway to the Middle East from Europe. The establishment of the liaison office is aimed at capitalizing on market growth in Turkey and surrounding areas by engaging in marketing for nylon resins and fine chemicals that are the main products of UCE and UEG, as well as other products offered by the UBE Group. Through its holding company in Europe, the UBE Group will seek to accelerate its business expansion efforts by leveraging advantages in Turkey: including its geographic location and the favorable regulatory environment for foreign companies.

The UBE Group is developing its global business centering on growth markets in emerging countries, such as establishing subsidiaries in Asia and Latin America. By opening this new liaison office in Turkey, the Group will seek to expand its business in the Middle East region.

Details of the liaison office in Turkey

Location Istanbul, Turkey
Business Description Market development in Turkey and surrounding area for products of the UBE Group
Established April 2021

Details of UBE Corporation Europe S.A.U.

Location Castellon City, Valencia Region, Spain
Business Description Manufacturing and sales of Nylon, caprolactam, fine chemicals products and ammonium sulfate
Holding company overseeing business operations of Ube Group in Europe
Established August 1994
Capitalization € 6,313,000
Shareholder Ube Industries, Ltd. (100%)
President Bruno De Bièvre (Executive Officer of Ube Industries, Ltd.)

Details of UBE Europe GmbH

Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Business Description Marketing, market development, and materials procurement in Europe for products of the UBE Group
Established June 1964
Capitalization € 913,000
Shareholder UBE Corporation Europe S.A.U. (100%)
President Jeronimo Porras


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