Procurement Information

The UBE Group conducts purchasing operations in accordance with the following basic policy.

Fair and Equitable Transactions

Based on fair, equitable, and free competition, we engage in business transactions that are free of personal interest and that are not arbitrary, and we always seek to create business opportunities with new business partners. We also strive to establish equal and fair collaborative relationships with business partners and to enhance mutual understanding and trust from a long-term perspective.

Objective Assessment in Selection of Business Partners

In the selection of business partners, we make decisions based on economic rationality, after taking comprehensive account of such matters as quality, price, and delivery time.

Legal Compliance and Confidentiality

We comply with all relevant laws and social norms in our procurement operations, and we preserve confidentiality of information obtained in the course of conducting transactions.

Green Procurement

In the selection of items to purchase, we give consideration to environmental protection.

Sustainable Procurement

To raise our social credibility, we promote Sustainable procurement throughout the supply chain, including our business partners.
We seek to give priority to procurement from business partners who fulfill the following commitments.

  • Have established an internal structure for practicing sustainability
  • Ensure stable supply and emphasize quality
  • Practice fair transactions in compliance with corporate ethics, the law, and social norms
  • Place importance on environmental friendliness
  • Work to address respect for human rights as well as safety and health management
  • Value social contribution and communication with society, and practice information management and disclosure
(See our UBE Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines (PDF:152KB) for details.)