Creating New Businesses and Lowering Environmental Impact through R&D

The UBE Group pursues R&D to create businesses that will be vital to its long-term growth. We are committed to cultivating technologies that help reduce GHG emissions and contribute to sustainable social growth.


The UBE Group’s R&D program encompasses all four of its business domains—environment and energy, mobility, construction and infrastructure, and healthcare. From fiscal 2021, we will build on that foundation to undertake R&D that focuses on creating new businesses in five areas. These areas are construction and infrastructure, carbon dioxide (CO2) and waste plastic utilization, energy management, nature sustainability, and life sciences.

We will increase success rates by enhancing the synthesis, catalyst, processing, and other technologies that we have amassed across the inorganic, organic, and polymer fields or have gained from collaborating with external entities. In choosing these five areas, we will maintain our specialization approach while becoming even more conscious of the need to tackle environmental issues. In energy management, for example, we aim to contribute to decarbonization by using energy-saving heat insulation and dissipation materials. On the nature sustainability front, we are exploring the use of natural raw materials and techniques to foster efficient plant and animal growth without harming biodiversity.