Battery Materials R&D Dept.

Battery Materials R&D Dept.
Description of Research

The Battery Materials R&D Dept. pursues advanced R&D, market development, test-production, and development of production technology for high-performance materials required by markets in the promising fields of energy and advanced electronics. These efforts center on R&D for electrolytes and separators that belong to the four main components of lithium-ion secondary batteries. The Advanced Materials R&D Center moved to Osaka R&D Center that newly opened in August 2016, in order to realize rapid and precise customer support. The center works to enhance and combine UBE's technologies in the fields of molecular design, organic synthesis, electrochemistry, analysis and property evaluation, molding, and coating, to develop products that create new value.


Lithium-ion secondary battery materials (separators, electrolytes, lithium titanium oxide anodes, etc.) and other materials for environmental, energy, and advanced electronics related applications.