Medium-Term Management Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan "Vision UBE 2025 ~Prime Phase~"

In May 2019, the UBE Group unveiled "Vision UBE 2025 ~Prime Phase~" new medium-term management plan covering the fiscal years from 2019 to 2021.

Medium-Term Management Plan

May 22, 2019.

Medium-Term Management Plan
"Vision UBE 2025 ~Prime Phase~"
(Progress situation)

1) Management Strategies

  1. Strengthening the platform for business growth
  2. Strengthening the management platform (corporate governance)
  3. Address and be part of the solution to resource, energy, and global environmental issues

2) Numerical Targets

(1) Key Figures
  FY2021 Targets
Operating Income 55.0 billion yen
Ordinary income 58.0 billion yen

(2) Key Indicators
  FY2021 Targets
Return on sales (ROS) 7%
Return on equity (ROE) 10%

For more details of the new medium-term management plan called "Vision UBE 2025 ~Prime Phase~" ,please click here (PDF:1.24MB).

For past medium-term management plan and progress, please refer to "IR Presentations".