Chemical Substance Management

Basic Approach

Ube Industries complies with the chemical-related laws and regulations of countries worldwide, including Japan. We ensure rigorous chemical product management throughout distribution systems and proactively disclose safety information about our chemical products. Across these efforts, chemical substance management at Ube Industries takes into account health, safety, and the environment.


The departments with responsibility for product safety at each internal company are in charge of chemical substance management, and the Quality Assurance Department Product Liability Group at Ube Industries is the corporate unit with overall control.


Complying with Chemical Substance Management Laws and Regulations

Product safety is part of quality, and we work to manage this in line with our quality management system. We use our (SDS)*1 production support system, as well as UBE-CHemical Regulation Information Platform (U-CHRIP), a comprehensive database developed by UBE, for managing information about chemical substances, and other ICT to manage hazard information*2 of substances we use and the compliance status of substances we handle to ensure that we adhere to laws and regulations.

Image: Product Safety Initiatives
  1. *1 Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Documentation containing hazard and toxicity information about chemical substances that manufacturers disclose when supplying chemical substances and products incorporating them.
  2. *2 Hazard information: Information on the inherent risks of chemical substances.

Supply Chain Communication

We supply local-language versions of SDSs and product labels for all products, complying with regulations in each country to ensure the safe use of chemical products throughout the life cycle of products, and maintain websites for key product SDSs.

To realize green procurement*3, we are identifying hazardous chemical substances in our products and informing customers.

We endeavor to prevent logistics incidents and enhance logistics by improving information that can be used in the event that something goes wrong during transportation.

  1. *3 Green procurement: Corporate purchases of raw materials, parts, and manufacturing facilities with minimal environmental footprints.

Cooperating with Industry Associations

Since fiscal 2011, we have participated in the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA)’s voluntary chemical substance risk management activities while gathering and disseminating hazard information and risk assessments.

We support the International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA)’s voluntary Long-Range Research Initiative, which focuses on the effects of chemical substances on human health and the environment.


Transport Safety

To ensure the safe transport of chemical substances, the UBE Group provides transport companies and drivers with safety information to use in case of an accident during transport. This is only part of the Group’s commitment to preventing logistics accidents and enhancing logistics quality.