Process Safety and Disaster Prevention

Basic Approach to Process Safety and Disaster Prevention Initiatives

The UBE Group strives to keep process accidents to zero by developing worksite frameworks that prevent accidents by ensuring thorough identification of risks and systematic implementation of far-reaching measures to counter those identified risks.

UBE Group’s Initiatives

We endeavor to eliminate process accidents through initiatives that ensure our facilities are safe and secure. We also undertake activities to minimize damage in the event of major natural disasters. In fiscal 2022, we focused on zero equipment accidents, zero environmental accidents, improving safety at high-pressure gas sites, and implementing natural disaster measures.

Zero equipment accidents

Through the Accident Information Liaison Committee, accident information is shared and each business site implements horizontal development to prevent similar accidents from happening again. We are also working to strengthen equipment maintenance and management through the Safety Management Liaison Committee.

Zero environmental accidents

We identify environmental risks and promote environmental risk reduction measures.

UBE Group Facility-Related Accidents In fiscal 2022, the UBE Group recorded 10 accidents,
investigated their causes, and implemented recurrence prevention measures.
Occupational Safety, Health, and Disaster Prevention Expenditure of the UBE Group

Enhancing Process Safety Capabilities at Certified High-Pressure Gas Facilities

For certified high-pressure gas sites, we set up an improvement agenda in line with assessment findings from the Japan Industrial Safety Competency Center and engage in systematic improvement initiatives.

Implementing Natural Disaster Measures

We push ahead with measures to address natural disasters by having each business site conduct self-assessments in line with self-assessment criteria for such measures, and pursue ongoing improvements.