Responsible Care Activities

The UBE Group’s activities are based on the principles of Responsible Care (RC).

Logo: Responsible Care

RC is a set of principles and practices inviting corporations that handle chemical substances to make voluntary efforts to protect the environment, safety and health at all stages of the process of chemical substance handling — from development, manufacturing, distribution, and use, to final consumption, disposal and recycling. It also entails disclosing the results of these activities and engaging in dialogue and communication with society.

The UBE Group embraces RC principles and implements RC activities across all of its business segments including chemicals, construction materials, machinery, and energy and environment.

The UBE Group implements the following six RC initiatives.

1. Environmental Preservation

Initiatives for the health of the earth’s people and natural environment

2. Process Safety and Disaster Prevention

Initiatives for the prevention of accidents at facilities and mitigation of natural disasters.

3. Occupational Safety and Health

Initiatives for the health and safety of workers.

4. Logistics Safety

Initiatives for the prevention of accidents related to logistics, and for disaster mitigation.

5. Product Stewardship

Disclosure and communication of the properties and handling methods of chemicals, for the safety and health of all persons who handle chemicals including customers, and for conservation of the environment.

6. Publication of performance reports and dialogue with society

Open reporting of the details and outcomes of activities, and social and community dialogue.

Image: Responsible Care community dialogue meeting RC community dialogue meeting
Image: Plant tour Plant tour

The UBE Group actively pursues RC in line with these objectives.

Management System Certification Acquisitions

The acquisition of occupational health and safety and environmental management system certifications at UBE can be seen herePDF.

Responsible Care Report

In 2005 and after, the Responsible Care Report was included in the CSR Report. Since 2018, it has been part of the new Integrated Report.

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