Message from the President

Masato Izumihara President & Representative Director

President & Representative Director

For more than 120 years, the UBE Group has maintained its founding spirit of “coexistence and mutual prosperity,” which guides our corporate activities.
Through diverse activities encompassing corporate governance, environmental conservation, and social initiatives, the UBE Group and its stakeholders will globally expand the circle of mutual coexistence and prosperity. This will accelerate the Group’s sustainability efforts, enhance our corporate value, and help us coexist with society.

In fiscal 2019, we outlined the UBE Corporate Philosophy, which directs us to “Pursue technology and embrace innovation to create value for the future and contribute to the advancement of society.”
The future is expected to bring sweeping changes to the environment in which the Group does business. We will approach these as pressing management issues as well as opportunities for new growth. Accordingly, the Group will strike a balance between business development and governance, executing its business from a long-term perspective. This will enable the Group to realize sustainable growth and enhance its corporate value over the medium and long term, and supply even greater value to society and the environment.