ReadSpeaker Service

ReadSpeaker is a service offered by ReadSpeaker Japan that reads the text on a website. The option of listening to the text on a website enables the elderly, those with poor eyesight, and people with eyestrain to understand the information on websites comfortably.

How to Use

Click the icon on the top of the page once. ReadSpeaker automatically reads the text within the predesignated range.
To listen to the particular information, highlight the text by dragging the mouse over it, and click the Pop up button.
Click Settings in the Player to choose where to highlight, whether to show Pop up button, or to change the speed of reading.
Users are advised to enable JavaScript.


This service uses a synthetic voice to automatically read the text. The names of some people or places, proper nouns, and abbreviations may not be read correctly. Please be aware that the UBE Corporation assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the service.

Environment for using this function

For any OS and Browser.
You can listen to audio using a device associated with the audio player for mp3.