Sanyo-Onoda City University and Ube Industries Sign Basic Agreement for Comprehensive Partnership in R&D

November 18, 2019

Sanyo-Onoda City University (President: Masahiko Ikekita) and Ube Industries, Ltd. (President: Masato Izumihara) announced today that the two organizations have signed a basic agreement concerning comprehensive partnership. Under this agreement, they will pursue collaborative R&D into new technologies and promote personnel exchanges.

Sanyo-Onoda City University and Ube Industries will focus their collaboration on the following areas:

  1. Joint research and contracted research
  2. Personnel exchanges among researchers and engineers
  3. Internship and other on-site learning for students

The predecessor of Sanyo-Onoda City University was the Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi College, established in 1987. In 1995, it switched over to a four-year college and became a public university corporation in 2016 specializing in engineering. With the addition of the first faculty of pharmacy in Yamaguchi Prefecture in April 2018, the university has broadened its base to become a science university with professors and students in a wide range of disciplines.

Ube Industries operates a wide range of businesses. These include chemicals—including materials such as polymer and inorganic compounds as well as life science chemicals—construction materials such as cement, and machinery. The company is involved in many technical areas that overlap with research fields at Sanyo-Onoda City University.

Leveraging the advantage of being located in neighboring cities, the two organizations have interacted in the past regarding intellectual property education and technological development projects. Going forward, they will pursue greater collaboration, including in the area of research and development.


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  • Ube Industries, Ltd.
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  • Phone: +81 (3) 5419-6110