UBE Announces the Launch of U-BE-INFINITY™, a New Environmentally Friendly Products Brand

April 22, 2024

UBE Corporation (President: Masato Izumihara) announced today the launch of U-BE-INFINITY™, a new brand of environmentally friendly products. The brand will represent environmentally friendly products and technologies developed by the UBE Group that demonstrate particularly outstanding positive environmental impacts to deliver added value. UBE seeks to help solve global environmental issues with U-BE-INFINITY™ brand products.

The U-BE-INFINITY™ Environmentally Friendly Product Brand

The brand concept of U-BE-INFINITY™ was formulated in a series of discussions held by the up-and-coming generation of younger UBE Group employees working in and outside Japan. The brand name reflects UBE’s aspiration to attain infinite (INFINITY) social development together with its stakeholders.

Also, the multi-colored logo expresses UBE’s determination to continuously change and adapt, never settling for the status quo, in order to help solve global environmental issues. UBE’s founding principles are “coexistence and mutual prosperity” and “from finite mining to infinite industry,” and the company remains committed to continuously developing innovative products and technologies to help resolve global environmental issues. In so doing, UBE aims to help build a truly infinite, sustainable future for all stakeholders.

Planned Products & Technologies

The U-BE-INFINITY™ brand is dedicated to providing products and technologies that help achieve carbon neutrality by reducing GHG emissions and facilitate resource-saving and resource reutilization by using recycled materials and biomass materials. UBE plans to offer the following products as the brand’s first-phase lineup.

Sustainable caprolactam ISCC PLUS certified caprolactam made from sustainable resources
Bio-based nylon Nylon made from biomass materials
Mechanically recycled nylon Recycled nylon made from PCR/PIR*1, *2 nylon and filler
Recyclable nylon Nylon-based compatibilizer master batch for multi-mechanical recycling
Bio-composites Wood-derived bio-composites offering alternatives to petroleum-based plastics to help reduce CO2 emissions

Additionally, the company will further accelerate its efforts to help solve global environmental issues by promoting awareness of the brand through PR, including product catalogs, exhibits, and a special website,*3 and working to expand the brand’s product lineup.

The UBE Group addresses global environmental issues by striving to reduce GHG emissions and pursuing the development and practical application of environmentally friendly products and technologies. By providing more customers with environmentally friendly products, technologies, and solutions, the UBE Group will help to solve global environmental problems that are a challenge for society as a whole. This effort aligns with its vision for 2030, which declares its intent to be “a corporate group centered on specialty chemicals that contributes to the global environment, human health, and an enriched future society.”

The company’s name, U-BE-INFINITY™, as well as its logo, the corporate logo, and the tagline logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of UBE Corporation in Japan and other countries.


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