Ube Industries, Ltd. changed its name to UBE Corporation

Message from the President

Since our company was founded as “Anonymous Union Okinoyama Coal Mine Association” in 1897, we have expanded our business into machinery, cement and chemicals, and in 1942, each operating company merged and became “Ube Industries, Ltd.” Now 80 years of history stands behind this name.

However, due to the accelerating pace of change in the business environment, sustainable growth will be difficult unless each business autonomously and flexibly improves its corporate value according to its characteristics. Under these circumstances, the machinery business was already split off and soon the cement business will. And from April 2022, the chemicals business will become the core business of our company. To further promote globalization and shift from an energy-consumption heavy business structure to a specialty business that contributes to solving global environmental issues, the company name was changed to “UBE Corporation” (with each letter pronounced: U-B-E).

Under the banner of the new company name, the UBE Group will constantly take on the challenge of change, provide solutions to various social issues through manufacturing, and contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

President & Representative Director
UBE Corporation
Masato Izumihara


  • Okinoyama Coal Mine is established as a silent partnership (later becomes Ube Mining).
  • Ube Shinkawa Iron Works (now Ube Machinery Works) is established as a silent partnership.
  • Ube Cement Production, Ltd. (now Ube Cement Factory) is established.
  • Ube Nitrogen Industry, Ltd. (now Ube Chemical Factory) is established.
  • Ube Industries, Ltd. is established through amalgamation of the four foregoing companies.
  • Polyethylene plant (now UBE-MARUZEN POLYETHYLENE Co., Ltd. ) is built in Chiba.
  • Sakai Factory is established.
  • Polybutadiene plant is built in Chiba. (now UBE Elastomer Co. Ltd.)
  • Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd. is established.
  • Construction materials business will be spun off as Mitsubishi UBE Cement Corporation.
  • Company name will be changed to UBE Corporation.