• UH-Series Hybrid Die Casting MachinesUH-Series Hybrid
    Die Casting Machines
  • UBEMAX-UF Series All-Electric Injection Molding MachinesUBEMAX-UF Series All-Electric
    Injection Molding Machines
  • NPC-SS Series Short-Stroke Direct Extrusion PressesNPC-SS Series Short-Stroke
    Direct Extrusion Presses
  • UBE Vertical MillUBE Vertical Mill
  • Rotary KilnRotary Kiln
  • Air floating conveyorAir floating conveyor
  • Sakaegawa Canal BridgeSakaegawa Canal Bridge

The machinery business centers on Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd., which supplies die casting machines and injection molding machines used by automakers across the globe. These machines are helping automakers to reduce the weight of vehicles with the accelerating shift toward next-generation vehicles. UBE also has an excellent reputation for industrial machinery including conveyors and grinders, and constructs bridge and steel structures. These solutions leverage UBE Machinery's own advanced technology to realize superior reliability.
UBE has operations around the world that are dedicated to meeting the expectations of a global customer base and supplying excellent products and service through the entire life cycle from development to manufacturing and servicing.

Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd.