• Nylon fiber products made  from caprolactamNylon fiber products made from caprolactam
  • Products made from  nylon resinProducts made from nylon resin
  • Products made from  UBESTA nylon 12 resinProducts made from UBESTA nylon 12 resin
  • Co-extruded Multi-layer Film SPERRENCo-extruded Multi-layer Film SPERREN
  • Products made from  polybutadiene rubberProducts made from polybutadiene rubber
  • Diverse products made  from polyimideDiverse products made from polyimide
  • Separators for lithium-ion  batteriesSeparators for lithium-ion batteries
  • PUD for Automotive intermediate coatingPUD for Automotive intermediate coating
  • Gas separation  membrane modulesGas separation membrane modules
  • Heliofresh 100% synthetic marine fragranceHeliofresh® 100% synthetic marine fragrance
  • Products made with  silicon nitridesProducts made with silicon nitrides
  • TalionTalion
  • CalblockCalblock
  • Effient (prasugrel)Effient (prasugrel)
  • EybelisEybelis

As the core business of the UBE Group, the chemicals business is positioned to drive the growth of the UBE Group.
UBE supplies a broad range of products that are used in industry and everyday life. They include caprolactam (nylon raw material), diverse industrial chemicals, nylon resins used to make food wrapping films and automotive components, commodity plastic polyethylene, and chemical products such as butadiene rubber.

UBE's products have excellent reputation for use in high-end applications. Products in this category include polyimides that command a large market share for use in circuit boards in thin panel displays, advanced materials such as electrolytes and separators for lithium-ion batteries, and fine chemicals that are being developed for eco-friendly applications.
UBE's pharmaceuticals business revolves around a two-pronged business strategy entailing drug discovery and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. Drug discovery is conducted in partnership with pharmaceutical companies to bring new pharmaceuticals to market. Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates encompasses contract manufacturing of new drugs and generic drugs.